It is our best performance in MUFY at UCL in the last 3 years. UCL has achieved a 90% pass rate in Math-related subjects with significant improvements over the previous semester. In all other subjects too, the average marks and top mark have improved significantly as noted below.

Summary of Results – MUFY Semester 2 - 2018
100% pass rate in 13 (out of 17) units delivered as part of MUFY program at UCL

UCL overall pass rate is 97% (+5% improvement compared to previous semester)

UCL average mark is 75 (+3 points improvement compared to previous semester)

Top Mark in 6 units is above 95

Pass rate in Math subjects: 90% (+14% improvement compared to previous semester, huge!)

66% of the student grades are in HD + D category (+5% improvement compared to previous semester)

Terrific job by Ms. Asiri Perera as the MUFY Program Coordinator in leading the efforts and supporting the MUFY lecturers, who are the rock stars behind this performance and student achievements. Hats-off to the lecturers/admin team for working closely with the students and motivating them to give their best! I would say in general, everyone involved has contributed in one way or another to have such a terrific performance.

Ms. Asiri Perera

Program Coordinator (MUFY) / Senior Lecturer / Student Experiences Officer