Bachelor of Applied Computer Science (BACS)

Program Description

Combining a deep understanding of technology with in-demand skills such as communications and project management. Learn how to develop and implement technology solutions for organizations while gaining the knowledge and experience to lead teams, manage large scale digital projects, and tackle real world problems. By the end of your degree you will have the technical and practical skills that all organizations need to succeed in today’s digital workplace.

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BACS Course Units of the 1st and 2nd years at UCL

• Intro to Programming
• Intro to Computer Science
• Intro to Computer Systems
• Intro to Web Design and Dev
• Science and Technology 1
• Science and Technology 2
• Multidisciplinary Management I
• Multidisciplinary Management II
• Comm. Skills
• Data Structures and Algorithms
• Software Development
• Intro to Database Systems
• Server Side Scripting
• Information Security
• Introduction to Software Projects
• Introductory Project
• Micro Organizational Behavior
• Social Computing (Elective)
• Practical Data Science (Elective)
• Calculus in Computer Science (Elective)
• Discrete Math for CS (Elective)
• Linear Algebra (Elective)