Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS)

Program Description

Gain a deep understanding of the history, design, and application of Computer Science by exploring a wide range of areas including Software Development, Algorithms, Networking and Artificial Intelligence. By the end your degree you will have the knowledge and skills to build, influence and evaluate technology. You will not only become a strong programmer but will master the skills needed to create new and innovative technologies that can shape how we will use computers and interact with each other in the future.

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BCS Course Units of the 1st and 2nd years at UCL

• Intro to Programming
• Social Computing
• Practical Data Science
• Intro to Computer Science
• Intro to Computer Systems
• Intro to Web Design and Dev
• Calculus in Computer Science
• Discrete Math for CS
• Science and Technology 1
• Science and Technology 2
• Linear Algebra
• Comm. Skills
• Data Structures and Algorithms
• Theory of Computer Science
• Systems Programming
• Software Development
• Intro to Database Systems
• Introduction to Probability and Statistics I
• Multidisciplinary Management I (BESE elective)
• Multidisciplinary Management II (BESE elective)