Scholarships - UCLAN Programmes

Scholarship Criteria – University of Central Lancashire Programmes

Students are permitted to apply only under one category of scholarships and the highest scholarship is proposed to be awarded.

Academic Achievements

Based on achieving the following grades at the Local A/L or London A/L examinations.

Results Subject 1 Results Subject 2 Results Subject 3 Points Study Grant/ Scholarship
D D D 6 N/A
C C C 9 N/A
C C B 10 N/A
C C A 11 N/A
C B B 11 N/A
C B A 12 20%
B B B 12 20%
C B A 13 30%
B B A 13 30%
B A A 14 35%
A A A 15 40%

Please Note:These scholarships are for the October 2018/ January 2019 intakes. The Scholarship is Only Awarded for the Tuition Fee of the programme. The awarded scholarship will be valid for the 1st year of the programme. Thereafter based on the academic performance, the student will have to qualify for the Dean’s List.

Leadership Role

In recognising the leadership role played in the schools in which they studied.

Prefect Deputy Head Prefect Head Prefect
10% 20% 25%

Extra-curricular activities (Sports)

In recognition of achievements in extra- curricular the student had engaged in.

School Level National Level
10% 20%

Dean’s List

The scholarship will only be awarded to Year 2 & 4 students.
Each year the top 10% highest performing students will be selected to the same and will be awarded Tuition Fee Scholarship of 10% from the Tuition fee.